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Car & Van Wheel Alignment

When a tyre is fitted to your wheel, the completed & inflated assembly will require 'balancing'. Failure to do so will often result in a steering wheel vibration at speed & can, over a long period of time, cause premature wear & tear of the vehicle. Well balanced tyres will provide you:

- Increased mileage.

- Greater comfort.

- Reduced wear & tear on all components.

- Minimal vibration to electronic system.


East London Mobile Tyre Service have invested in the latest technology in order to provide you with exceptional quality service & customer care. For information regarding commercial tyre maintenance, call today.

Did you know . . .


A one degree misalignment on the steer axle increases the rolling resistance by around 5%.

When safety matters.


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Misalignment can affect mechanical parts, increasing stress & premature wear. Correct alignment can extend tyre life by up to 25% & significantly reduce fuel consumption. Experts at East London Mobile Tyre Service are trained to recognise tyre wear patterns associated with faulty alignments. In addition, we supply & fit car & van tyres at our depot in Barking, Essex.

Commercial On-site Service

At East London Mobile Tyre Service, we offer honest, expert & professional advice regarding commercial tyre maintenance. Not only can improved tyre management & commitment cut replacement bills, the positive effect on fuel efficiency can significantly improve business spending & minimise your Carbon Output. It is worth speaking to our skilled team to find out exactly how our range of tyres & services for commercial industries can keep you & your business on the right track. Service carried out at your depot in Barking, Essex.

Car & Commercial Wheel Balancing